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Enrolment Information

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Thank you for choosing Princes college!

For EU applicants:

To enrol with us;  please complete the application form, submit/email/post it back to us, send us a copy of your passport or ID and pay the fees for your chosen course.

For international applicants:

If you are applying for a Short-Term Study Visa, you will need to send us 7 documents:

(1)  Application form

(2)  Terms and conditions

(3)  Copy of your passport

(4)  Tuberculosis Test (please check the List of Countries where you need a TB test to enter the UK)

(5)  Study Plan: 1 A4 page typed, written by the student, stating:

a.)    If you have ever studied English before? If yes, how long? – You would need to provide evidence, such as school certificate or attendance letter.

b.)    How studying English would benefit you (your studies or your career)? – You would need to provide evidence from your college/university or workplace.

c.)     Why would you like to study English in the UK?

d.)    Why did you choose Princes College? How did you find out about us?

e.)    What are your future plans? What would you like to do once you have completed your course. – You would need to provide evidence (for example if you would like to go to university in the UK, you would need to show your correspondence with your preferred university, have to be familiar with the entry requirements).

(6)  Bank statements: with at least £1265 per calendar month of your course and a list of bank transactions (in and out). This amount must be in your account for at least 28 days. The statement must not be older than a 28 days from the date of your application. If required, you may need to send us evidence of your source of income, in order to prove where the money has come from. (employment contract/payslips or letter from employer/financial sponsor)

(7)  Completed Questionnaire.

Please note that all documents must be translated to English.

Before enrolling at Princes College, we strongly advise you to check the full immigration requirements at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the reception team at or by telephone 02076364052, they will be happy to help you!

Living in the UK 

Please follow the link below for advice on living in the UK: