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Information for parents of students under 18

Age policy

In the UK students under the age of 18 are considered by law to be children and Princes College has legal ‘Duty of Care to look after them safely. At Princes College we accept 16-17 year old students (Young Learners) on our adult courses, and expect them to behave responsibly which includes accepting UK laws ( see section below ) and certain college rules designed to ensure the Young Learners’ safety, for example they must not leave Princes College premises without an accompanying adult.

It is important that parents of 16-17 year old students read and understand our terms of enrolment for their children.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

The well-being of our Young Learners is of the utmost importance to us and this policy is designed to make sure that parents/agents and/or group leaders are clear about their responsibilities with regard to the safeguarding and protection of Young Learners.

It also ensures that all members of staff understand what action to take if they have a concern about a possible child protection issue.
However, we have limited control as to how our Young Learners will interact and if they will exchange personal contact details with our adult learners. This also applies to any out-of-college activities that they may arrange themselves.
The complete policy can be found here.

The Law

Under-18 year old students will be subject to the UK law regarding age restriction which may be different from those in your country.this especially applies to the use of tobacco, alcohol and self-defence sprays ( see below )

a) the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10
b) children aged between 10-17 can be arrested and taken to court if they commit a crime
c) these children are treated differently from adults and dealt with by youth courts
d) It is illegal to:

• Buy alcohol or tobacco
• Carry or use illegal drugs or substances and also legal ‘highs’
• Carry weapons, including knives or self-defence sprays

If your child gets into trouble with the police, the parent or guardian can be held responsible.

Application to the College

As well as completing the application form, parents must complete the declaration form for parent or guardian in the UK. In order to carry out our ‘Duty of Care’ to students aged under 18, if they are staying with anyone who is not their immediate family or their legal guardian, we reserve the right to visit their accommodation in order to ensure it is suitable. Princes College have issued guidelines for students to stay safe whilst they are in London (Handbook for Students under18 ) and we provide regular welfare tutorials to help the students with any issues. However, Princes College cannot accept full responsibility for what happens to students when they are not on the college premises; parents/guardians have that responsibility.

Additional documents required for 16-17 year old students:

Letter of Consent (Parents)

Declaration form for a parent of under 18 student

Medical declaration for students under 18

Guardian’s Consent form
Health and Welfare

Medical conditions must be declared on the Medical Report Form on application. This includes the administration of any medication. Failure to do so may result in the course being stopped.

It is also advisable to take out medical insurance for unforeseen emergencies. In an emergency situation we will abide by the NHS and Emergency services guidance.( Medical consent giving permission for emergency medical treatment for under 18s must be signed prior to course beginning).

Princes College cannot be held responsible for any undisclosed medical problems of the Young Learner. In an emergency situation requiring surgery or other medical procedures, the College will abide by NHS recommendations unless the parent or guardian has specifically notified us in writing of their preferred option in such situations.


It is advisable that insurance is taken out before arrival in the UK to cover loss or theft of belongings and valuables.

Religious Observance

Students wanting to attend religious services during lesson time must have written permission from the parents. The College will not normally allow under-18s to leave the College premises during lessons.


Our attendance rules are very clear. All students must attend the full three-hour lesson. If an under-18 year old fails to attend class the parent or guardian will be contacted immediately. If we cannot contact the parent or guardian by the end of the lesson period we will notify the police of the student’s absence.
Students under-18 requiring to miss a lesson must bring written consent from their guardian or parent.

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