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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

      • To enrol a student at Princes College we need to receive payment of all fees in full. Minimum age is 16.
      • If students want us to arrange accommodation, we require payment of two weeks’ rent as deposit plus £30 finding fee.
      • If the college is closed because of public or College holidays this time will be added on to your course.
      • Please note that the college will be closed on the following bank holidays this year:
        We will also be closed for Christmas from 18th December 2017 to 1st January 2018. You will not be charged for these three weeks if your course overlaps this period.

        Bank holidays in 2017
        2 January Monday New Year’s Day (substitute day)
        14 April Friday Good Friday
        17 April Monday Easter Monday
        1 May Monday Early May bank holiday
        29 May Monday Spring bank holiday
        28 August Monday Summer bank holiday
        25 December Monday Christmas Day
        26 December Tuesday Boxing Day


      • We only refund fees when a visa has been refused (see below). When students enrol on a course this forms a contract with the College. This can only be cancelled with the agreement of Princes College. The college will keep all or part of the fees paid to pay for costs.
      • The College can change any teacher, timetable, classroom or combine classes if necessary.
      • Students who stop attending their course will be removed from the register. Fees will not be refunded.
      • All students must arrange their holiday in advance. The College will not extend courses for holidays less than one week long.
      • The College will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings on our premises or during organised social activities.
      • The College does not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse, either to other students or to members of staff. This includes deliberate damage to College property. This behaviour will lead to expulsion from the college. Fees will not be refunded.
      • Please note that the College must be informed if the student cannot start their course on the given start date; otherwise they may lose their fees.

    Students Visas

    • If a student visa is refused by the Home Office, all fees less £ 200.00 administration will be refunded.
    • Except: If the student makes false statements on the visa application
      Has had a visa refusal in the past and has not informed the college.
    • In order to proceed with a refund, we must receive the letter of refusal issued by the British immigration authorities.
    • Accommodation fees paid with a visa application will only be refunded if your visa has been refused.


    Health and safety

      • Your safety is a priority for us and the college maintains good standards in this area. We comply with all relevant legislation relating to Health and Safety. In particular we are concerned with fire safety and conduct regular fire drills, we conduct careful risk assessments to ensure that the whole building is safe. Whenever clients leave the building on official business we take care to ensure that any possible risks are considered and any necessary steps are taken to reduce the likelihood of problems.


    Physical disability

      • Our premises are not suitable for clients in wheelchairs.


    Visual and audio impairment, dyslexia etc.

      • We can usually help clients with some difficulties with their sight or their hearing but our courses are probably not suitable for the totally blind or the very deaf. Please contact us if you think you may need special arrangements. If you are dyslexic it is very helpful if you can tell us in advance. In particular, if you are planning to take an examination we may be able to make special arrangements for you but we need notice of this well in advance.


    Mental health issues

      • The college is a small, friendly and supportive place, and people who are nervous or anxious about being away from home will find a friendly welcome and personal support to help them to adjust to life in an unfamiliar environment. However, we do not have the staff or the facilities to accept clients with significant mental health problems and we strongly advise clients – or their parents or sponsors – to tell us before enrolling anyone who has a history of mental health problems so that we can advise whether our courses are suitable.


    16-17 year-olds

      • 16-17 year-olds, Most students on our English courses are over 18 years old however, we do accept students aged 16-17. Please note the following: 16-17 year-olds will be treated as adults and attend classes with adults. We do not supervise students at break times and they will travel between the college and their homestay or guardian’s home unsupervised. We can arrange homestay accommodation through an agency called Britannia. Students aged 16-17 will be provided with meals by their homestay families. Parents or guardians must inform the college in writing if they have made alternative accommodation arrangements. All parents or guardians of students aged 16-17 years old must sign a consent form agreeing to the above. The college’s social programme is not compulsory and it is not specifically designed for under 18s and certain activities are not suitable for students under 18. We do aim to provide some activities that are suitable for under 18s. Students attending social events will travel home alone.

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